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For those visiting the Hamptons who prefer to soak up the surf and nature rather than the social clubs and splurge worthy boutiques, then a Montauk boat charter could be just the solution.

Everything about Montauk captures a chilled, laid back vibe as opposed to the glitz and glamor of her more upmarket neighbors.
This is the home to one of the oldest lighthouses in New York, where hikes crisscross foaming surf beaches, and where the likes of Willie Nelson and Courtney Love like to sip cocktails and strum guitars at the achingly trendy Surf Lodge. With Montauk boat rentals, you can explore the wilder side of the Hamptons as you hop around the much-loved South Fork.

Sunrise at the Lighthouse

Start your expedition from Sag Harbor and head out to the grand lighthouse on Montauk Point. Seeing the George Washington commissioned lighthouse from 1792 is a rare moment steeped in romance, especially as you can glimpse it first from the water. If you start your day early enough you can even catch one of the most magnificent sunrises soaking the coast in a rose-pink hue, making the moment even more magical. If you want to see the panorama from the other side, step ashore and climb the 137 steps to reach the lighthouse, where you will be greeted with epic Atlantic views.

Surf and Seawater Spas

Next stop on your Montauk boat charter should be the surf mecca sands of Ditch Plains. Here, you can book a surf lesson during the summer months and try to perfect your balance out on the rolling waves. Those seeking a more upmarket vibe will adore the sugary stretch of sands, plump daybeds, and hand shaken cocktails over at Gurneys Montauk Resort and Seawater Spa. Speaking of the spa, this is the perfect place for a seaweed wrap, healing hands massage, or gloriously fresh facial.

Shop for Vintage Goods

Vintage boutiques abound in the charming coastal spot of Montauk. While you won’t find a Saks Fifth Avenue you will find a Screaming Mimi’s, who also boasts flagship stores in Tokyo and Manhattan. Espadrilles and sailor inspired fashion can be found at Tauk and Share with Montauk, and Haven is the place for rare Brazilian jewelry. At Melet Mercantile you can find all kinds of treasures from Bob Melet, the man who used to oversee vintage buying at Ralph Lauren.

White Linen Dinners and Fireside Drinks

Climb aboard your Montauk Boat Charter and arrive in style at the trendy white linen wonder of Duryea’s for a fresh seafood supper with stunning views across Fort Pond Bay. The lobster rolls here are divine or opt for the family clam bake and a bottle of vintage chilled champagne. After dinner, you can find plenty of action, either at the Regent Cocktail Club where an afterhours fire pit is always glowing and the rum is always flowing, or down at the vibrantly young Surf Lodge where celebrities can be found lingering over lavish dinners and partying well into the small hours.

Dazzling Side Trips

By choosing Montauk boat rentals you are perfectly positioned to explore the surrounding coast. Head down the waterways to East Hampton to see how the colonial style farmstead area has turned into one of the glitziest playgrounds in the USA.
Explore the area around Sag Harbor, an enchanting village with plenty of seaside charm, a touch of Greek revival spirit, and some of the best spots to dine along the Hamptons. With a rich maritime history, you can tap into your inner Ahab with a trip to the Whaling and Historical Museum, grab a classic clam chowder at the dock house, and then climb back on your Montauk Boat Charter to discover the wild nature hidden around the shore.

hamptons yacht charter

It’s wedding season and what better way to celebrate than with a Hamptons bachelorette party. Sweeping white sands, celebrity clientele, a blaze of beautiful boutiques, and lavish luxury charters to take you sailing from perfect spot to spot, the Hamptons offers a gorgeous backdrop for a weekend with the ones you love.

There are so many opportunities for lavish Long Island bachelorette party ideas; whether you want to sip the finest wines on world class vineyard tours, learn to surf in Montauk, or score an invitation to some of the hottest Hollywood parties of the summer season. From Sag Harbor to East Hampton, the tip of Long Island and the sun-drenched shores of Montauk – with a beautiful Hamptons boat charter you can have it all…

Spa and Splurge

Famous for its boutique beach vibes and its signature spa treatments, those looking to splurge on their Hamptons bachelorette party have come to the right place.

For those glam girls seeking designer wares and Manhattanite vibes then head for the exclusive stores in East Hampton where you will find plenty of familiar big-name faces including a Tiffany’s so you can pick up something special for the bridesmaids. If you want something a little more laid back with Ralph Lauren vintage vibes then head to Montauk where you are sure to be spoilt for choice.

Hotel spas are aplenty in the Hamptons so be sure to include a dollop of perfect pampering into your Long Island bachelorette party ideas. You will find the most coveted spa in town at Gurneys, where the pool is curated from warm seawater, the steam rooms are ready to envelop you in bliss, and the array of treatments on offer all overlook the ocean. Of course, free flowing champagne and an afternoon relaxing at the beach club is a must when stopping by Gurneys.

Beautiful Beaches

Soak up the sun on your Hamptons bachelorette party by using your glitzy boat rental to charter you around the many beautiful beaches. Hamptons beaches are always scoring high when it comes to the most beautiful stretches of sand in the world. With scores of beaches to choose from, you can be sure to find the dreamiest slip of sand to suit your mood.

Those seeking a cool beach brimming with young and beautiful people should head for Flying Point Beach or go glam at the upmarket beach of Sagaponack. If you want snapshot beauty then Coopers Beach in Southampton is forever earning points for being utterly alluring with its super wide wedges of floury sand and its bright blue hazy sea. Main Beach in East Hampton is another sweet spot for when you want to kick back with a cocktail picnic.

Tangled Vineyard Tours

Another inspired option for your Long Island bachelorette party idea could be blending your adventures around the Hamptons with a food and wine tour. The Hamptons is home to some of the most sophisticated vineyards and cellar doors you can find outside of California’s Napa Valley. The Wolffer Estate Vineyards boasts a sumptuous sprawling gardens brimming with tangled vineyards and a wealthy wine tasting room. The Martha Clara Vineyards is another pristine place to sip the sweetest wines especially if you can charter up to the North Fork. In their intimate loft space, you can taste the best of their barrels matched with produce from their kitchen, such as ripe gourmet cheeses, artisanal crackers, and melt in the mouth chocolate.

Beautiful Boat Rentals

Choosing a charming boat charter for your Hamptons bachelorette party is the very best way to avoid sitting in traffic during your summer stay. With a boat charter, the lavish shores of Long Island open right up. You can spend your mornings exploring the sights and swimming on secluded shores up in Montauk. In the afternoon, you can hit Bridgehampton for a spot of Polo or head to Southampton for lunch and then as the sun starts to settle, crack open a bottle of champagne on deck before heading to East Hampton for a taste of the high-end night life.

hamptons yacht charter

Dive right in to the sultry social scene of America’s favorite first-class playground with East Hampton Boat Rentals. The East Hampton has always been the celebrity studded spot that makes this part of Long Island such a famed destination, with the likes of Madonna and Steven Spielberg owning epic estates in this part of town. From the lavish luxury homes of Lily Pond Lane to the wide clean beaches and Jackson Pollock splattered art studios – East Hampton Boat Charters can whisk you from the shores of Sag Harbor into the world of wealthy artists.

In the mid-17th century – puritan farmers and fishing folk flocked to the area to till the land, agriculture was the mainstay of this spot until the 19th century. Over the years the East Hamptons has changed, its sweet sea breezes and bountiful blue ocean making it a magnet for fine restaurants, bars and boutiques. Yet, the precious heritage of this end of the Hamptons has been preserved, so exploring the waters by an East Hampton Boat Charter is a must.

Award Winning Beaches

With rolling dunes, pristine white sands, and fun surf rolling in – the beaches of the Hamptons are healthy and happy. Main Beach in East Hampton recently came fifth on the list of the best beaches in the USA by the Laboratory for Coastal Research. Celebrity sightings are commonplace on these shores and the waters are perfect for a spot of custom paddle boarding. As you have your own East Hampton boat rental, the world is your oyster so cruise on down to Southampton to see Coopers Beach, which won the top spot for the very best beach from the LCR.

Artistic Expressions

As you gaze out from your East Hampton Boat Charter you will see why this lovely landscape inspired so many painters and writers. The East Hamptons seems to spark an affinity with creativity, thanks to its wonderful wetlands and sandy dunes. The Longhouse Reserve offers a rich sculpture park with works from Yoko Ono and Willem de Kooning. Close by you will also find the studio of Jackson Pollock and Less Krasner, the floors of which are still splattered with Pollocks paint tins.

Delectable Dining

Nick and Toni’s has been a legend on the shores of the East Hamptons for over two decades and shows no signs of slowing down. From Alec Baldwin to Jimmy Fallon, the tables at Nick and Toni’s teem with stars, a Tuscan farmhouse feel, and Mediterranean inspired fare that matches the Long Island vineyard wines with near perfection. Wood roasted bone marrow, bright beet salads, and beautiful black angus rib-eyes are just a few flavors to feature on the well-orchestrated menu. If you don’t want to fight for a table at Nick and Toni’s then head to Race Lane for a colorful cocktail and raw clams or the lobster salad in the soft bright space of Dolo La Spiaggia.

From Farmer Markets to Tiffany’s

Before hopping back on your East Hampton Boat Charter swing by Main Street for some five-star shopping. The farmers markets in the East Hamptons offer a colorful array of fresh produce plucked from the land and the sea. Yet, alongside jeweled fruits and artisanal olive oils you can also find high end stores like the duck egg blue and shimmering silver of Tiffany’s and Co. Dylan’s Candy Bar is owned by Ralph Lauren’s daughter and is a superb spot to take the little ones, the Lily Pulitzer boutique also offers preppy inspired designer wares for your young sparks.

Pureblood Ponies in Bridgehampton

Cruise along the coast a little more in your East Hampton rental boat down to Bridgehampton where the former whaling town has turned into horse country. The mansion studded farms around this area are brimming with equestrian properties, offering acres of space, millionaire stables and some of the best spots to canter on the world’s most expensive thoroughbred horses.

With trips starting from Sag Harbor, booking an East Hamptons charter boat can showcase some of the hottest spots on these billionaire shores. Rather than getting stuck in summer traffic, feel the ocean spray against your skin as you cruise from East to South, stopping along the way to shop, splurge and sip hand crafted cocktails.

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More than just a tall cool cocktail, Long Island is a glitzy destination that captures all the culture and charm of the Hamptons. Choosing boat rental in Long Island can showcase the very best of these glamourous shores. Despite its history of decadence, you can avoid the summer crowds and enjoy a landscape awash with historical seaside charm. Whether star gazing at the Gold Coast mansions along Sands Point or stepping ashore to sip a velvet red Cabernet Sauvignon at the Wolffer Estate Vineyard, there is so much more to Long Island than meets the eye.

Majestic Mansions and Literary History
Starting from the trendy shores of Sag Harbor, cruise the wealth and wonder of the Gold Coast. One of the must-see sights for literary lovers is the spot where F Scott Fitzgerald penned the famous Great Gatsby along Kings Point.All along the Cow Neck Peninsula you can see the iced white mansions steeped in splendor and history. Sands Point Reserve boasts three majestic mansions – Hempstead House, Falaise, and Castle Gould – all belonging to the Guggenheim family back in 1917.With all the freedom and finesse of boat rental in Long Island, you can drop anchor to peek inside the chandelier draped homes and to take a stroll through the rose studded English Manor Style Westbury Gardens

Fresh Oysters and Crystal Sands
With the salt whipped wind and the warm blue skies, the next stop for your boat rental in Long Island should be Port Washington for lunch. Pretty Port Washington is famous for its exceptional sand quality, boasting the finest crystal grains of sand deposited from ancient glaciers. These grains of sand were even used as a prize ingredient in the construction of the Empire State and the Chrysler Buildings. Stop by Louie’s Oyster Bar for lunch, an institution in the Hamptons. As one of the oldest restaurants, Louie’s has perfected its creamy clam chowders, shimmering oysters, spiced lobster tacos and original recipe melt in the mouth key lime pie.

Explore the Well-Heeled Shelter Island
A highlight of opting to rent a boat for Long Island is that you have the freedom to explore and the grand Victorian charm of Shelter Island should be high on your priority list. Sitting just off the North and South Forks of the mainland, this 11-mile island offers timeless.A third of the island is draped in green, as a protected nature sanctuary, the rest of the island is splashed in luxury thanks to the well-heeled Sunset Beach Hotel. Secluded sands abound on Shelter Island, making it the perfect stop for a cool dip in the blue waters.After toweling off, grab a table at Sunset Beach Restaurant and toast a magnificent day with the Hamptons summer hit favorite – a glass of sunset beach rose.

Sip and Swirl Along the North Fork
Speaking of wine, Long Island is vineyard country and with boat rental in Long Island you don’t have to worry about getting behind the wheel. The North Fork boasts a staggering 50 wineries so connoisseurs can sip and swirl to their hearts content. Kontokoska Winery is renowned for its award-winning sauvignon blanc – best enjoyed with their vineyard views of the wild white capped Atlantic.Sparkling Pointe Winery brings a touch of French charm to the bottle, and Bedall Cedars provided the wine for the 2013 presidential inauguration.

Fabulous Fishing and the Great Outdoors
Another joy of Long Island boat rentals is the ability to enjoy the breath of the great outdoors. The waters around Long Island teem with fish meaning that those who love to sip a cold beer and cast a line will be in their element. If fishing isn’t your thing, then there is still the delight of having water access to the Orient Beach State Park, where secret coves, creeks and inlets make for a day of pirate inspired exploration.

End your great adventure with a fragrant stop at Lavender on the Bay – the largest lavender farm in the USA.Discovering the exquisite sights and tastes with boat rental in Long Island is a pinnacle of perfect pleasure and the very best way to spend a weekend in the heart of the Hamptons.

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The crowded and metropolitan lifestyle of Brooklyn and Queens dominate the western parts of the Island. For those looking for natural beauty and extravagance you must visit the east end of Suffolk County.This area consists of the vast-spreading North and South Forks that beautify both the Peconic Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.Eastern Long Island gives every traveller a reason to get pulled to the world-renowned summer destination including the Hamptons. There’s so much for everyone here that every traveller goes back with a bag full of memories and a heart full of desires to come back.If you’re planning to spend your summers by pristine beaches, and enjoying summer life to the fullest, Eastern Long Island is where you need to be.To help you get started and plan a fantastic vacation on Long Island, let’s run you through everything that you need to know before setting out on this exciting voyage.

What’s The Best Time To Visit?
The scenic beauty of South Shore and North Shore of Eastern Long Island is at its peak from late May to mid-September. It’s the best time to plan a relaxing and luxurious escape, away from the city-life by experiencing the waterfronts of the divine Hamptons. The vacation season is blooming during this time of the year and it’ll be better if you plan and book everything beforehand.

What To Expect
Long Island is a welcoming destination for both adventure seekers and peace lovers. Travellers can expect pristine beaches with white sands, star-studded nightclubs, high-end boutiques and bistros, quaint beaches with rhythmic waves, life’s best sunsets and everything with a bit more brilliance.
It’s also among the best New York, New Jersey and Connecticut summer destinations. Travellers can enjoy beach excursions and activities like swimming, surfing, sailing, paddle-boarding and kayaking by the dynamic oceanfront of the Atlantic Ocean and the natural beauty of the Peconic Bay. When in the Hamptons, one can expect a luxurious and unpredictable experience that feeds the traveller’s soul.

The Best Way To Commute
The streets are usually jam-packed with cars honking, which is straining and wastes a lot of time. So if you wish to stay in a resort and explore only the surrounding areas, cars can be chosen.Every mode of transportation has its pros and cons but enjoy your Long Island experience by booking Charter Boats for Long Island. They can take you from one island to another in a breeze. With a rented personal boat, travellers don’t have to worry about the traffic, driving or waiting. Plus, it makes for a luxurious and adventurous experience overall; the reason why we call it the best way to commute in the Hamptons.So now that your basic questions are answered, it’s time to pack your bags and set sail to the vibrant Hamptons for once-in-a-lifetime kind of an experience. Contact Hamptons Boat Rental to book your very own Hamptons adventure.