Planning A Fantastic Vacation On Long Island: All You Need To Know!

The crowded and metropolitan lifestyle of Brooklyn and Queens dominate the western parts of the Island. For those looking for natural beauty and extravagance you must visit the east end of Suffolk County. This area consists of the vast-spreading North and South Forks that beautify both the Peconic Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Eastern Long Island gives every traveller a reason to get pulled to the world-renowned summer destination including the Hamptons. There’s so much for everyone here that every traveller goes back with a bag full of memories and a heart full of desires to come back. If you’re planning to spend your summers by pristine beaches, and enjoying summer life to the fullest, Eastern Long Island is where you need to be.
To help you get started and plan a fantastic vacation on Long Island, let’s run you through everything that you need to know before setting out on this exciting voyage.

What’s The Best Time To Visit?
The scenic beauty of South Shore and North Shore of Eastern Long Island is at its peak from late May to mid-September. It’s the best time to plan a relaxing and luxurious escape, away from the city-life by experiencing the waterfronts of the divine Hamptons. The vacation season is blooming during this time of the year and it’ll be better if you plan and book everything beforehand.

What To Expect
Long Island is a welcoming destination for both adventure seekers and peace lovers. Travellers can expect pristine beaches with white sands, star-studded nightclubs, high-end boutiques and bistros, quaint beaches with rhythmic waves, life’s best sunsets and everything with a bit more brilliance.
It’s also among the best New York, New Jersey and Connecticut summer destinations. Travellers can enjoy beach excursions and activities like swimming, surfing, sailing, paddle-boarding and kayaking by the dynamic oceanfront of the Atlantic Ocean and the natural beauty of the Peconic Bay. When in the Hamptons, one can expect a luxurious and unpredictable experience that feeds the traveller’s soul.

The Best Way To Commute
The streets are usually jam-packed with cars honking, which is straining and wastes a lot of time. So if you wish to stay in a resort and explore only the surrounding areas, cars can be chosen.
Every mode of transportation has its pros and cons but enjoy your Long Island experience by booking Charter Boats for Long Island. They can take you from one island to another in a breeze. With a rented personal boat, travellers don’t have to worry about the traffic, driving or waiting. Plus, it makes for a luxurious and adventurous experience overall; the reason why we call it the best way to commute in the Hamptons.
So now that your basic questions are answered, it’s time to pack your bags and set sail to the vibrant Hamptons for once-in-a-lifetime kind of an experience. Contact Hamptons Boat Rental to book your very own Hamptons adventure.

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