Large groups>12

Large Groups >12 Passengers

Hamptons Boat Rental prides itself on its flawless safety and compliance record. We strictly adhere to all United States Coast Guard rules and regulations. The US Coast Guard prohibits charter boats to carry greater than 12 passengers, unless you perform costly ferry-boat-type modifications to your boat, resulting in a Coast Guard exception by changing your boat considerably. For this reason, nationwide, only 3% of charter boats allow > 12 guests.

Have no fear, as the leader in Hamptons market, we have all three of the only USCG certified yachts in the Northeast with certifications to carry more than 12 passengers.

Please go to the our boats page and scroll down to the group of yachts for passengers greater than 12. They are larger boats, ranging from 60′ to 122′ and they start at $3000 for a four hour charter.

If you could possibly trim your group size down to 12 or under, you may charter any boat on our site.

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