Long Island Boat Rentals
Long Island Boat Rentals

Long Island Boat Rentals are more than just a day on the open water and more than just a tall cool cocktail.  Long Island is a glitzy destination that captures all the culture and charm of the Hamptons. Choosing boat rental in Long Island can showcase the very best of these glamorous shores. Despite its history of decadence, you can avoid the summer crowds and enjoy a landscape awash with historical seaside charm. Whether star gazing at the Gold Coast mansions along Sands Point or stepping ashore to sip a velvet red Cabernet Sauvignon at the Wolffer Estate Vineyard, there is so much more to Long Island than meets the eye.

Majestic Mansions and Literary History

Starting from the trendy shores of Sag Harbor, cruise the wealth and wonder of the Gold Coast. One of the must-see sights for literary lovers is the spot where F Scott Fitzgerald penned the famous Great Gatsby along Kings Point.

All along the Cow Neck Peninsula you can see the iced white mansions steeped in splendor and history. Sands Point Reserve boasts three majestic mansions – Hempstead House, Falaise, and Castle Gould – all belonging to the Guggenheim family back in 1917.

With all the freedom and finesse of boat rental in Long Island, you can drop anchor to peek inside the chandelier draped homes and to take a stroll through the rose studded English Manor Style Westbury Gardens.

Fresh Oysters and Crystal Sands

With the salt whipped wind and the warm blue skies, the next stop for your boat rental in Long Island should be Port Washington for lunch. Pretty Port Washington is famous for its exceptional sand quality, boasting the finest crystal grains of sand deposited from ancient glaciers. These grains of sand were even used as a prize ingredient in the construction of the Empire State and the Chrysler Buildings.

Stop by Louie’s Oyster Bar for lunch, an institution in the Hamptons. As one of the oldest restaurants, Louie’s has perfected its creamy clam chowders, shimmering oysters, spiced lobster tacos and original recipe melt in the mouth key lime pie.

Explore the Well-Heeled Shelter Island

A highlight of opting to rent a boat for Long Island is that you have the freedom to explore and the grand Victorian charm of Shelter Island should be high on your priority list. Sitting just off the North and South Forks of the mainland, this 11-mile island offers timeless R&R.

A third of the island is draped in green, as a protected nature sanctuary, the rest of the island is splashed in luxury thanks to the well-heeled Sunset Beach Hotel. Secluded sands abound on Shelter Island, making it the perfect stop for a cool dip in the blue waters.

After toweling off, grab a table at Sunset Beach Restaurant and toast a magnificent day with the Hamptons summer hit favorite – a glass of sunset beach rose.

Sip and Swirl Along the North Fork

Speaking of wine, Long Island is vineyard country and with boat rental in Long Island you don’t have to worry about getting behind the wheel. The North Fork boasts a staggering 50 wineries so connoisseurs can sip and swirl to their hearts content. Kontokoska Winery is renowned for its award-winning sauvignon blanc – best enjoyed with their vineyard views of the wild white capped Atlantic.

Sparkling Pointe Winery brings a touch of French charm to the bottle, and Bedall Cedars provided the wine for the 2013 presidential inauguration.

Fabulous Fishing and the Great Outdoors

Another joy of Long Island boat rentals is the ability to enjoy the breath of the great outdoors. The waters around Long Island teem with fish meaning that those who love to sip a cold beer and cast a line will be in their element. If fishing isn’t your thing, then there is still the delight of having water access to the Orient Beach State Park, where secret coves, creeks and inlets make for a day of pirate inspired exploration.

End your great adventure with a fragrant stop at Lavender on the Bay – the largest lavender farm in the USA.
Discovering the exquisite sights and tastes with boat rental in Long Island is a pinnacle of perfect pleasure and the very best way to spend a weekend in the heart of the Hamptons.

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