Boating Club Cancellation/Change Policy

As a member of our 5 trip or more boating club, we want all our VIP members to secure the most sought-after dates this summer season. We have the following separate policy regarding changing, cancelling or no showing for your reservations.


Please reserve your key dates in advance. As you know we have a frenetic 16-week season, so our policy is as follows.

When you book/reserve a slot we tell all inquiries your slot is "Sold and not available" and it is taken off the calendar. For this reason, we allow changes up to 14 days before your sailing date. This may give us time to sell your slot. If you wish to change your reservation, no changes are allowed greater than one time per reservation and the change request must be 2 weeks in advance of the sailing date. If you wish to change your date within the 2-week (14 day) period you will lose the reservation.


Cancellations or changes within the 2 week (14 day) set sail date are not allowed. The reservation will be counted as a trip. All cancellations or changes must be before 14 days of the set sail date.

No Show

No showing for a reservation will be counted as a trip, as we could have sold that slot to another client.