Water Toys

Upon arrival to Yacht Hampton’s private getaway, our unique floating dock experience is our fun, party oasis in the middle of the water, away from it all, where you and your group can bond and enjoy your best adventure of the summer. Want to relax? Kick your feet up and enjoy a cocktail. Want to go to the beach? Take our water toys with you! Select which toys interest you and your party, then sit back, relax, and leave the activities to us.

Our fully equipped custom floating dock is our version of the floating Hamptons; giving you a surreal experience on a unique private island with friends and family.



$350- 2 Hours

If you’re looking for the ultimate safe and fun driving excursion, simply head to the water. No boundaries or limits. Experience vast open spaces and pure freedom with our sleek and James Bond-esque SEABOB. Cruise on top of the water or even below. Film your experience with our built-in video camera! WARNING: Your children will be talking about this experience for years and ask you to buy one.

Hydrofoil Hoverboard

$500- Per Hour

One of the most magical gadgets on the planet, The Fliteboard™ eFoil. It provides the sensation of flying on a magic carpet or even carving the water below. It’s electric, fast, quiet, and emission free. Safe & Kid-Friendly, they can easily learn within an hour guaranteed! Feeling semi-lazy, just lay or kneel on the board and go up to 30MPH.

Electric Surfboard

$500- Per Hour

WOW! is all we can say if you have a adventurous side. Based on our electric surfboard's three principles of Safety, Fun and Power; it has been designed with one key factor in mind easy-to-use, enabling users to lay on the board, kneel on the board then learn to stand on the board. Our boards have a speed control that allows you to cruise up to 30MPH. Sooooo Fun!


$750- Per Hour

Discover the most playful, compact, and lightweight jet ski's in the industry. Hit speeds of 40 mph! This BRAND NEW 2020 Sea Doo SPARK is designed to provide the rush of excitement and fun that we all crave from time to time. Plan your best day of your summer today & request our jet ski. Note: Younger riders born in 1993 or sooner need to get certified first by completing a New York Safety Boat Course.


$500- Per Hour

See who can hold on the longest, by riding either solo or with a group. With three styles of towing, either with a water sport boat, a tender or jetski, creates fun options the whole party would love. Hand signals are used to speed up or slow down to your comfort level. Bring your entire party and try our new Banana Boat as well! Our drivers will take you on a safe, yet thrilling adventure that beats any water park!


$800- 2 Hours

Available on a select group of our offered boats. The tender is a unique way to change up the pace. Go for a relaxing cruise or go inner tubing, the choice is yours. The tender wins over families and allows the children a safe and one-of-a-kind ride. Various sized tender rentals are available for Sag Harbor tender rentals for Sag Harbor yachts.


Upon Request

Water ski season is a wonderful time of year. Waterskiing is one of the original tow sports, and for many still the only real way to have fun behind the boat.


Upon Request

Looking to have some fun on the water this summer? The Hamptons is one of the world’s perfect places for wakeboarding in the summer fun.


Snorkeling Equipment


We have masks, snorkels, and flippers. Enjoy the clean, salty water, and all the unique things it has to offer! Great for larger parties, especially families!

Paddle Board


Add our paddle boards to your Hampton’s experience. Enjoy the peaceful water and beautiful scenery at your complete control. Take our boards on your yachting journey or adventure right from the dock. This is the Hamptons experience, your way! Please confirm your boat comes with a paddleboard/s or ask us to arrange one.

4-person Group Paddle Board

$100- 2 Hours

Want a fun challenge? Gather your team and play on our huge paddle board. Experience the Hamptons with others aboard. There's nothing like sharing a unique, fun, bonding experience with others in the most beautiful place on the East Coast!

Fishing Equipment

$100- 2 Hours for bait/tackle

Turn your luxury cruise into a fun, fishing outing, and live a true, natural Hampton’s lifestyle. Drop your line and see what you can catch. You might just be surprised with what comes up on the other end of the line! Please confirm your vessel has fishing capabilities.

Hookah Underwater Diving

$250- 2 Hours

Always wanted to scuba but never did? With a hookah diving system, you can take the next step, diving deeper into the water and exploring underwater areas below the surface (down to 10 feet below!), for longer periods of time, without having to resurface for air. Walk the ocean floor!


$100- 2 Hours

Interested in having your memorable day captured? We are able to combine Drone footage, Go Pro footage, and even the SEABOB’s Camera footage (if reserved) into a custom edited video. This comes with an overlayed song of your choosing. Share your experience with your friends and family, even share it on all of your social media platforms!




Our soft, foam noodles makes floating simple, comfortable and easy, plus it conforms to the body. Great for kids and adults, provides for safety, relaxation and fun in the water.


$200- 4 Hours

Relaxing has never felt so good! Sit back and leave your busy life at the dock. Just what the doctor ordered, most of our boats come with either a floating mat or a large, floating circular island for 4-8 happy guests. Please ask upon booking.

Life Jackets


As far as jet skiing, swimming and paddle boarding goes, we’d say the life jacket is your most important accessory. Safety is our utmost concern. All of our boating experiences come equipped with more than enough life jackets for adults children and infants. If you have multiple infants please verify with your captain.

Ski Boat Party

2 Hours

Choose one of our boats with water toys addons to enjoy endless fun on water and make party.

Aquaman Water Toy Trainer

Water Toy Trainer

We Do Provide Certified Trainer

Our certified water toy trainer will instruct you to use all kinds of water toys.

VIP Water Toy Package

VIP Water Toy Package

$1,750- 1 Hour

Includes 1 Jet Ski, 2 Electric Surfboards & 1 Seabob. This package comes excluding charter price.