Yacht Charter FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

98% of the charter industry allows only 13 or fewer guests on any boat, (no matter what size of vessel). We do have several charter options for group larger than 12 persons. VISIT LARGE GROUP PAGE to know more. We have the largest selection of charter boats to host groups > 12 on the East Coast.

For full details of Weather/Cancellation policies, please read our Cancellation Policy for each boat Weather/Cancellation Policy.

As a member of our 5 trip or more boating club, we want all our VIP members to secure the most sought-after dates this summer season. We have the following separate policy regarding changing, cancelling or no showing for your reservations. Know our Boat Club Cancellation Policy.

You can book your Hamptons boating experience directly online. Go to any boat page and see a big "BOOK NOW" button to access the online booking system. It works just like AirBNB and booking a vacation home. You reserve, book and pay within 5 minutes.

Booking a boat is easy. We strongly urge you to follow step 1. Isolate the boat you want above all others. Then find a backup boat or two. Then simply fill out our webform here. We will then do the rest.

Or of course you may text, email or call with as much detail regarding the charter as possible (including number of passengers, trip dates, boat numbers you like) and we will respond to your queries within 24 hours.

We have a bunch of dining options while you cruise. CHECK OUR DINING OPTIONS HERE.

We have several charter options that can get you to overnight destinations. CHECK OUR OVERNIGHT DESTINATIONS HERE.

Hamptons Boat Rental has been in business for 8 years, in January of 2020 we re-branded the company to be known as Yacht Hampton. Yacht Hampton will now be used as the branding name of Hamptons Boat Rental. We are the same exact ownership and management as Hamptons Boat Rental, we just enjoy Yacht Hampton as our new name for more sophisticated social media and branding. Our prices, boat selection and even our URL have not even been impacted whatsoever. You can see we are still located under www.hamptonsboatrental.com.

Many day-trip destinations charter are awaiting for you. Our 4-Hours, 8-Hours and Sunset Rose' cruise charters can get you to many local/nearby astonishing destinations. CHECK OUR LOCAL CRUISING DESTINATIONS HERE.

Bachelorette Parties on our boats/yachts are always special. Plan your bachelorette party with your friends and enjoy our photo props, destinations and water toys. SEE OUR BACHELORETTE PARTIES PACKAGES HERE.

We offer Bachelor Party in the Yachts for men as well. This is another special party package offered by YACHT HAMPTON BOAT RENTAL. SEE OUR BACHELOR PARTIES PACKAGES HERE to know exciting package and combo package details for your bachelor party.

Buy Gift Certificates in advance to surprise your friends and families with special discounts. BUY GIFT CERTIFICATES HERE to see all our trending offers. Discounts may vary from time to time.

We maintain Yacht Hampton's Blog regularly so visitors can see our latest updates regarding new yachts, new amazing destinations, wonderful dining options, interesting places, and more. YACHT HAMPTON BLOG to know more.

We have simplified our system to order any of our boats. Follow our 4 easiest steps to order or book any boat in the fastest way. EFFICIENT BOAT BOOKING to know them now.

When choosing the right boat many factors are important. Take a look at our easy-to-use filters at the top of our entire fleet our boats page, Yacht Hampton Boats Page. Use our filters to choose the best boat for you.

You can book most yachts directly online, you select a date and view availability and proceed to book and pay. You then will get a payment confirmation email. In the case where we do not post our availability calendar you can select your top 3 boat choices in priority order and submit a contact form preferably. You can also contact us via text, email or phone WITH your top 3 boat choices. If you know your balance and wish to make a quick payment please pay online with this secure Pay For Your Charter.

We offer our boats/yachts in US Dollars only.

This decision is really up to you and depends on what experience you and yours are craving. The weather conditions and winds may also play a role. Browse our recommended destinations to discover more about different sailing locations. We have LOCAL DESTINATIONS and OVERNIGHT DESTINATIONS to choose from. Moreover, you can go to OUR BOATS page and use our excellent user-friendly filters to select your destinations.

If you wish to embark on a Friday or Saturday or Sunday we suggest to book as soon as you know or as soon as possible. Weekends absolutely sell out so if you want one of our newer boats we suggest you book early in the season. Our sailing season is from May 1 to October 15th.

Have a look at our Includes and Not Included section of each boat for details.

Price is an important factor when planning a sailing trip. You should set a clear budget from the beginning and allow for all the necessary additional costs such as fuel, gratuity and dining expenses. We list the costs on each and every boat so only you know what your comfort level or ability to pay level is.

You are able to pay for your boat in 2 ways – via PayPal or by credit card (MasterCard, Visa or AMEX). Visit Make a Payment page for easy-to-use payment interface.

Most harbors and marinas have convenient or semi convenient parking facilities. You should check what kind of parking they provide beforehand and be sure not to leave any valuables in the car.

These vary from boat to boat and are based on the size, age and model of the boat. The driving force of the boat and the area you are travelling in also need to be taken into account. You should ask the boat provider for a safety briefing. Rules such as No-Smoking, jumping while boat is moving at high speeds or jumping in the water with a strong current are basic and must-follow rules on all boats.

This unpleasant experience can be prevented and treated. Find out what to do when suffering from seasickness.

Always ask YACHT HAMPTON by phone or email if you can take an animal on board before arrival. If you do not ask permission, we may be more inclined to say no and pet care for the time you are away may be hard to find. Multiple high-energy pets can make any boat experience more unsafe than you or we would like. Generally, we are pet-friendly up to 1 pet on most vessels, especially if the pet is subdued.

Usually we will correct any faults immediately before leaving the dock. We mitigate this by providing newer vessels, in some case vessels under 2-3 years old. In exceptions, we can issue a discount, offer more free time, or switch you to one of our other boats. As all boat owners know, boats can be difficult and they are much more complicated than autos and prone to have more issues. We are experienced in boating so let us work on remedying the situation, while you sit back and relax and enjoy the ocean breezes, a cocktail and your friends.

It is possible to book short trips, but most charters run for 4 hours as the standard. We do have some select 3 hour bookings and allow 2 hour bookings off season.

We do not charge you for the use of the platform – there are no booking fees - the only costs involved are once a boat has been booked and confirmed.

You can simply find our current library of PDF's for our best selling boats on YACHT HAMPTON BROCHURE