East Hampton Boat Rentals: Elegant Beaches and Artistic Pleasures
East Hampton Boat Rentals: Elegant Beaches and Artistic Pleasures

Dive right in to the sultry social scene of America’s favorite first-class playground with East Hampton Boat Rentals. The East Hamptons has always been the celebrity studded spot that makes this part of Long Island such a famed destination, with the likes of Madonna and Steven Spielberg owning epic estates in this part of town. From the lavish luxury homes of Lily Pond Lane to the wide clean beaches and Jackson Pollock splattered art studios – East Hampton Boat Charters can whisk you from the shores of Sag Harbor into the world of wealthy artists.
In the mid-17th century – puritan farmers and fishing folk flocked to the area to till the land, agriculture was the mainstay of this spot until the 19th century. Over the years the East Hamptons has changed, its sweet sea breezes and bountiful blue ocean making it a magnet for fine restaurants, bars and boutiques. Yet, the precious heritage of this end of the Hamptons has been preserved, so exploring the waters by an East Hampton Boat Charter is a must.

Award Winning Beaches

With rolling dunes, pristine white sands, and fun surf rolling in – the beaches of the Hamptons are healthy and happy. Main Beach in East Hampton recently came fifth on the list of the best beaches in the USA by the Laboratory for Coastal Research. Celebrity sightings are commonplace on these shores and the waters are perfect for a spot of custom paddle boarding. As you have your own East Hampton boat rental, the world is your oyster so cruise on down to Southampton to see Coopers Beach, which won the top spot for the very best beach from the LCR.

Artistic Expressions

As you gaze out from your East Hampton Boat Charter you will see why this lovely landscape inspired so many painters and writers. The East Hamptons seems to spark an affinity with creativity, thanks to its wonderful wetlands and sandy dunes. The Longhouse Reserve offers a rich sculpture park with works from Yoko Ono and Willem de Kooning. Close by you will also find the studio of Jackson Pollock and Less Krasner, the floors of which are still splattered with Pollocks paint tins.

Delectable Dining

Nick and Toni’s has been a legend on the shores of the East Hamptons for over two decades and shows no signs of slowing down. From Alec Baldwin to Jimmy Fallon, the tables at Nick and Toni’s teem with stars, a Tuscan farmhouse feel, and Mediterranean inspired fare that matches the Long Island vineyard wines with near perfection. Wood roasted bone marrow, bright beet salads, and beautiful black angus rib-eyes are just a few flavors to feature on the well-orchestrated menu. If you don’t want to fight for a table at Nick and Toni’s then head to Race Lane for a colorful cocktail and raw clams or the lobster salad in the soft bright space of Dolo La Spiaggia.

From Farmer Markets to Tiffany’s

Before hopping back on your East Hampton Boat Charter swing by Main Street for some five-star shopping. The farmers markets in the East Hamptons offer a colorful array of fresh produce plucked from the land and the sea. Yet, alongside jeweled fruits and artisanal olive oils you can also find high end stores like the duck egg blue and shimmering silver of Tiffany’s and Co. Dylan’s Candy Bar is owned by Ralph Lauren’s daughter and is a superb spot to take the little ones, the Lily Pulitzer boutique also offers preppy inspired designer wares for your young sparks.

Pureblood Ponies in Bridgehampton

Cruise along the coast a little more in your East Hampton rental boat down to Bridgehampton where the former whaling town has turned into horse country. The mansion studded farms around this area are brimming with equestrian properties, offering acres of space, millionaire stables and some of the best spots to canter on the world’s most expensive thoroughbred horses.
With trips starting from Sag Harbor, booking an East Hamptons charter boat can showcase some of the hottest spots on these billionaire shores. Rather than getting stuck in summer traffic, feel the ocean spray against your skin as you cruise from East to South, stopping along the way to shop, splurge and sip hand crafted cocktails.