Sag Harbor Boat Rental Related Common Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Hamptons Boat Rental offers charter starting from $990 per day. Check Our Fleet Page to know all boat's pricing.

The yacht rental pricing varies on the boat type. We have Open Board, Sailboat, Luxury Yacht, Motor Boat, Power Boat, Catamaran, Pontoon and many more. Yacht Hampton Our Fleet.

Yacht Hampton offers all kind of yachts based on customer demands. Charter pricing starts from $990 per day. Visit OUR BOATS page.

Generally, Yacht Hampton offers 4 hours, 6 Hours, 8 Hours and 3 Hours Sunset Cruise. But customer can customize their packages. Moreover, we have overnight stays options for 43' Azimut, 50' Azimut and 62' Pershing. Submit a request to book for overnight stay Overnight Yacht Charter Request Form.

Yes Of course. The Hamptons lie on the far southeastern end of Long Island in New York state.

There are many options available in the Hamptons. But Hamptons Boat Rental is the #1 yacht rental company situated in Sag Harbor. Yacht Hampton Home Page

Hamptons Boat Rental is the #1 boat rental company in Hamptons. It offers small group to larger than 12 guests yacht rental service around Sag Harbor, Greenport, Montauk and East Hampton.

United States Coast Guard (USCG) approved for all charters with multiple guests up to 12 passengers. Charter costs will increase and extra paperwork should be needed if any charter has more than 12 guests.

The charter cost varies for the dock not for the place. If any boat docks in the same place where the charter starts then the rental cost will be normal.

We offer motorboat rentals in split cost from $150 per hour in the high season and $130 per hour in the low season.

Yacht Hampton Boat Rental offers overnight, multiple day and weekly charter rental. Submit a request to book for 3 days stay Multiple Day Charter Request Form.

We have all kind of boats based on our customer demands. Generally, a 4 hours charter starts from $1,500. OUR FLEET PAGE to know them now.

Along with Hamptons bachelorette party boats we do offer bachelorette party stays too. We have Vrbo and airbnb house listing specially for bachelorette party guests. Maximum 8 people can stay. Hamptons Bachelorette Party Stay.

A Hamptons bachelorette party is the most popular choice for bachelorettes (and bachelors) headed to The Hamptons. Get a taste of luxury life enjoyed by the rich and famous with your I-Do crew aboard a private party boat for a sizzling-hot day of toasting and posting you’ll be talking about for years to come. Visit Hamptons Bachelorette Party Page.

Yes you can make your reservation through Yacht Hampton Boat Rental. We do the Frisky Oyster reservation smoothly for our customers so they can save their time while chartering. Visit Frisky Oyster Reservation Page.

Yes, The Frisky Oyster has outdoor seating. Visit Frisky Oyster Reservation Page.

When you’re booking your next play date, get the group together for a Hamptons Booze Cruise. A private boat charter in Sag Harbor NY is the perfect choice for a birthday celebration, family get-together, graduation party, and, oh yeah—a bachelor or bachelorette party! Visit Know more about Perfect Booze Cruise.

Synonymous with fun and relaxation, a Booze Cruise in Montauk has good time written all over it. Leave your baggage at the dock, bring your favorite beverages aboard, and cruise to the most beautiful area in The Hamptons for some primetime R and R. Visit Perfect Montauk Booze Cruise.

Yacht Hampton Boat Rental offers mostly private charters. It is the most demanding in Sag Harbor. However, we have customization option that means our client can customize their charter based on their comfort.

Montauk is indeed picturesque, its famous lighthouse the subject of uncountable photos at every hour of the day and night. Sunset lights up the landmark so beautifully that a sunset cruise is the highlight of many a visit and the five-star subject of numerous Tripadvisor reviews. Visit Montauk Ultimate Sunset Cruise.

The Showfish Montauk, NY restaurant is well-decorated and one of the favorites for all the travellers come here. The Showfish Restaurant mostly known for its special fresh fish and seafood. Visit Showfish Montauk Restaurant.

Yacht Hampton Boat Rental can manage the Showfish reservation faster for their customer than any individual booking. However, to book a table for Showfish Montauk, visit Showfish Restaurant Website.

Showfish Restaurant takes reservation for dinner in Montauk. A unique spin on east-end dining, Showfish offers an ingredient-driven menu. Fresh fish, ripe vegetables and hand-selected specialties are spun into one-of-a-kind dishes to be enjoyed in a seaside venue with stunning marina views.

Yes, Showfish Restaurant Montauk, New York has outdoor seating.

It depends on the the type of yacht you book and the cost of water toys. There are open board, motor boat, power boat, sailboat and catamaran boats available to rent from Yacht Hampton which can differ the costs too. However, Yacht Hampton Boat Rental offers complimentary seabob, hoverboard and surfboard with 32' Sundancer, 43' Azimut and 62' Pershing for limited time. Visit Water Toys Rent in Sag Harbor.

Yacht Hampton Boat Rental offers complimentary seabob, hoverboard and surfboard with 32' Sundancer, 43' Azimut and 62' Pershing for limited time. Visit Water Toys Rent in Sag Harbor.

Upon arrival to Yacht Hampton’s private getaway, our unique floating dock experience is our fun, party oasis in the middle of the water, away from it all, where you and your group can bond and enjoy your best adventure of the summer. Want to relax? Kick your feet up and enjoy a cocktail. Want to go to the beach? Take our water toys with you! Select which toys interest you and your party, then sit back, relax, and leave the activities to us. Visit Hamptons Water Toys.

Experience vast open spaces and pure freedom with our sleek and James Bond-esque SEABOB. Cruise on top of the water or even below. Film your experience with our built-in video camera! Seabob Rent in Sag Harbor.

It is simple and easy to operate Jetski and Seabob. Moreover, Yacht Hampton Boat Rental has certified water toys trainer who can teach you riding Jetski or Seabob. Jetski rent in Sag Harbor.

Yes. Kids can use some water toys like noodle, tubes, rafts, floating mat, waterski and wakeboard.

The shortest distance from Sag Harbor to Old Saybrook is 84.1 Miles including a ferry route.

Yes. Hamptons Boat Rental allows customized charter from Sag Harbor to Old Saybrook. See Sag Harbor to Old Saybrook Here.

There are some marinas in Old Saybrook. Among them Harbor One Marina, Saybrook Point Marina and Oak Leaf Marina Inc are the bigger and popular. Check Old Saybrook Marinas.

Not possible. Old Saybrook is 84.1 miles far from Sag Harbor. Jetski will run out of charge.

It is not a popular choice to travel by boat from Sag Harbor to Old Saybrook and vice versa. But it will take around 5 hours in total to go and return.

The shortest distance from Greenport to Sag Harbor is 7.35 Miles including two ferry route. Check Sag Harbor to Greenport.

Yes. Yacht Hampton Boat Rental has Greenport as their favorite destination for charters. Visit Greenport by Boat.

Greenport possesses the perfect mixture of historical allure, eclectic shops, and delicious food choices ranging from more upscale to very economical, all thrown together in a friendly, little, seaside, walk around town. Voted in 2011 by Forbes as, “One of America’s Prettiest Towns,” it is impossible not to fall in love with Greenport.

Yes possible. Greenport is only 7.35 miles far from Sag Harbor. Many of our customers regularly take this chance to enjoy jetski ride from Sag Harbor to Greenport. See Jetski Rental in Sag Harbor.

Definitely. After you’ve gotten your fill of the water and the views it’s time to fill up your stomach and stop by one of the many independent restaurants, all right within walking distance. Greenport cuisine is top choice for foodies who prefer the farm-to-table method and enjoy trying out delicious foods, and wines, from local producers. Voted in 2011 by Forbes as, “One of America’s Prettiest Towns,” it is impossible not to fall in love with Greenport and its seaside views.

Yes you can swim in the Greenport beach. The beach is located at the end of Fifth Street on the east end of Long Island.

Lucharito's, PORT Waterfront Bar and Grill, Claudio's Main Restaurant are some of the best restaurants in Greenport. If you rent a yacht with Yacht Hampton Boat Rental, we can reserve a table for you.

Guests pay for the bachelorette party boats. Check Bachelorette Party Boats and Packages to book a bachelorette party today.

We know how busy our brides-to-be and their crew can be, so we have everything to make your nauti day at sea nice and easy. We remember everything it takes for our bridal party guests to have a boatload of fun. Visit Bridal Party Boats and Packages to book a bachelorette party today.

Yacht Hampton Boat Rental takes advance bachelorette party booking. Guests can book their bachelorette party yacht from one season advance based on its availability. Submit a Hamptons Event Yacht Request Form to book a bachelorette party in the Hamptons.