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Boat Rental Long Island

Make a Long Island Boat Rental the Centerpiece of Your Vacation

Are you looking for activities that will kick your vacation fun meter in Long Island up a few points this summer? Perhaps you’ve been surfing online for Montauk Bay or Sag Harbor boat rentals that will give your group the freedom to harbor-hop and sightsee at your leisure, or you’ve been considering chartering a boat to take friends or family fishing in the world-famous waters of Long Island Sound? Sounds wonderful, right? But there are so many locations for boat rentals in The Hamptons, types of boat rentals (from a pontoon or sailboat to a fully decked-out yacht) and price ranges that it can seem like an adventure in itself just to book a vacation boat rental, let alone plan an entire cruising agenda. No need to worry….

Boat rentals make for the perfect Long Island vacation

Boat Rentals are Easy to Book Online

Thanks to good ol’ new technology, it can actually be super easy to charter a boat in Long Island online. Search for licensed boat rental companies in Long Island and once you’ve done some research (perhaps checked some reviews of past customers), then follow your chosen company’s easy steps—1 2 3 4 and you’re ready to set sail or go yachting on the beautiful Long Island waters. Most websites are set up to walk customers through their booking process, but these are the basic steps you can expect for renting your boat:

1. Go online or call a licensed boat rental company in your chosen location

2. View your boat choices (yacht, pontoon, speedboat), date(s), and cost(s)

3. Fill in your data (name, contact, etc.), and…..

4. Book it!

Choose your boat type, from fishing craft to mega-yacht

A Good Captain Is a Treasure Chest of Information

When it’s close to your cruise date, you will usually be paired with a captain who will be happy to guide you in picking the best locations for your dream weekend or even help you prepare a per day agenda for the dates you’ll be at sea.

A good captain makes navigating your cruise time easy

You May Prefer To Book Rentals by Phone

Even if you locate a boat rental company with a website that features a customer support system and 24/7 ordering, you still may feel more comfortable calling to get one-to-one assistance for your booking and that’s perfectly fine. It can get confusing trying to rent a boat in Long Island without a representative to assist you, especially if you are from out of state, a first time renter, or not confident to simply sail through an online ordering system, no matter how user-friendly. Ask to speak with a captain, if one is available, as that’s the perfect person to help you choose the best boat rental to fit your needs. If a captain isn’t available, a knowledgable representative should be able to guide you through the process.

Ask for a company representative to assist you

Find Out Which Companies Are Offering Special Offers in Long Island

When you’re ready to select a boat rental company, remember to ask about promo packages and discounts that may be offered. Boat rentals are available up and down the Long Island coast and it is a highly competitive business, especially in Montauk, Sag Harbor or any other of the most popular Hampton marinas, so don’t be shy about inquiring. A great discount or bonus sunset cruise thrown in with your speedboat or yachting excursion may well influence your rental decision.

Ask about charter discounts and special offers

Not All Boat Rentals are Created Equal

While they may offer the same level of quality with nice clean boats, various companies specialize in providing different types of services and activities, as well as vessels. While catamaran rentals are trendy choices for many these days, if you and your family or friends are looking for action, you’ll want to find a company that specializes in speedboat rentals and has lots of water toys and equipment to select from like SEABOBs, jet skis, and electric surfboards.

Catamarans are hugely popular boats in Long Island

You’re Looking To Charter a Private Yacht

Maybe it’s going to be the first time all year you will have the chance to relax and sunning on the deck of a stunning yacht all day, straight thru to sunset, is more what you have in mind. In the state of New York, and especially in the east end, there is no shortage of yachts today. Just go down to any marina and start counting…2 3 4 5 6 7, and then imagine the one right next to them is your private oasis for the day, the week, or the entire summer season.

Beautiful boats for rent line the water

Party Boat Rentals in Long Island? Aye! Aye!

Planning a bachelor, bachelorette or other kind of special gathering that simply must be held on the water? No problem. There are mega yachts to accommodate large reunions and more intimate yachts you can pick for throwing that smallish wedding or luxury cocktail party you’ve been meaning to host for your most important clients. Really, for every occasion you dream of there’s a charter company with the perfect dreamboat to make your ideal plan a reality.

Rent a bachelorette party boat for a full day of fun


Many couples pick a yacht charter for their wedding day

Boat charters of every kind are available in Long Island and you won’t have to look too long or far to find them as this part of the state is one of the most popular summer destinations in the world—and a most popular summer dream is cruising the shoreline here in a private yacht.

Group charters motor guests to various destinations

Floundering for a Fishing Boat?

Love to fish? Certain boats like those with a center console are optimum for getting you out to the best sea fishing locations and fishing boat companies generally include gas, crew, and equipment as well the sailboat or motor craft. To get out on the water near Sag harbor or Montauk, the price will run you about $325 an hour, depending on your specific charter. Ask for fees per hour, half-day, or full day to get the best deal.

Rent a fishing boat for a full day of sport and relaxation

Pontoon Boat Rentals

Pontoon rentals in Long Island are a popular choice. They can be rented in various sizes so you can invite any number of guests for a day of fun on the water. Bring your own picnic along, or dock for launch at your favorite beach dining location. However you choose to spend the time, pontoon rentals are a great option for soaking up the sunshine and sizzling summer vibes.

A pontoon ride is a great way to spend the day on the water

The Bottom Line on Long Island Boat Rentals

Enjoy the process! It can all be exciting. Ask around for recommendations on boat rental companies. Make sure they are legit and ask your questions: Do they have any special offers? What boats are available for your selected dates? Cost? Group Charters to Long Island Sound? Boating safety policy?

Get any additional answers you need…and then pick your boat and welcome in the most important part of the entire boating experience, whether you’re coming from North, South, East or West of Long Island. The Fun. Yep, the fun is definitely the most important part…have a boatload of it.

All the planning is worth it once you’re on the water

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