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Things To Do in East Hampton

East Hampton’s Must-See Attractions

East Hampton New York is a national treasure that is also a treasure trove of historical landmarks. If you are planning a trip to Long Island, these are the places you will want to add to your plans between hitting the beautiful beaches and catching a local Hamptons boat charter to glimpse a Hall of Fame worthy sunset in Montauk Harbor.

A boat charter is the best way to explore th sites

We Will Be Your Tour Guide

History and historic buildings cover Main Street and almost every mile in East Hampton as do farm-to-table restaurants, beaches where the kids can run free, county fairs with a menu of local restaurant specials and more outdoor activities than visitors can possibly cover in just one visit. We will share many of the best things to do and see here, but with so many things to do in East Hampton, you just might want to come back to visit every summer!

Enjoy farm-to-table in many local restaurants

From the bay to the beach, Main Street to the East End of Montauk, you can make your own history by having the best time seeing the best things under the one-of-a-kind Hampton sun. Let the tour begin!

There are numerous East Hampton tours and attractions

The Best Things To Do in East Hampton

Museums and Local Attractions

Pollock Krasner House

The home and art studio of artists Jackson Pollock and wife Lee Krasner continues to tell their story through tours of the house and a view into both their work during their life on Fireplace Rd in the small hamlet of Springs, East Hampton. Built in 1879, Krasner House and Study Center is now an East Hampton museum, study center, and art museum showcasing other Hampton area artists.

Open May to October, Thursday thru Sunday for private tours including a virtual reality tour.

Jackson Pollock was inspired by his time in The Hamptons


Pollock Krasner House and studio

Longhouse Reserve

This sixteen acres of magnificent gardens at 133 Hands Creek, established in 1991, is the result of international textile designer Jack Lenor Larson’s desire to encourage creative gardening and sculpture as a part of people’s everyday lives. Larson passed away in 2020, leaving his estate with a collection of over 70 sculptures in this conservatory you will want to include in your list of places to visit this summer.

A garden inside Long House Reserve

Stephen Talkhouse

An East Hampton institution, the Stephen Talkhouse Bar in Amagansett was described by Trip Advisor recently as being like the bar in Star Wars in that you can always find it filled with “an eclectic clientele of locals, weekend warriors, and celebrities.” You never know when a band the likes of The Rolling Stones or Paul McCartney might come round to play some music, so yeah, it’s worth making it a point to stop by for a drink.

Stephen Talkhouse is a Hampton treasure

Carol Morrison Park/Fort Pond

This public park on the shores of Fort Pond is meant to give East Hampton’s residents an outdoor recreational park in their town. Fort Pond House is a public facility used for educational and cultural events. Take the kids to explore one of the many beautiful parks in The Hamptons for a few hours of fresh air, and fun. Add some food to the visit for a memorable family picnic.

Picnic spots are easy to find in East Hampton

What’s on the Menu?

After a day on the town, out on the boat playing with amazing water toys, or hiking a challenging East Hampton trail, it’s time for some food and the town of East Hampton has some of the best places to visit for that. Of course, it’s always an option to stay out on the boat and continue the fun with a picnic, or take your food to one of the beautiful beaches or parks East Hampton is so famous for. It’s a toss up, in a town with farm fresh greens and seafood right out of the bay on every menu.

Yacht Hampton water toys provide hours of fun


Farm foods and fresh seafood are abundant

Food Here Is One Of the Main Attractions

While you are mapping out your precious hours between beaches, historic museums and other East Hampton must-see attractions, remember no visit to Southeastern Suffolk county is complete without also taking in some of the must-eat dining establishments that also make East Hampton the prime summer getaway it has become. So, thank you for waiting, right this way…

The Hamptons is synonymous with seafood fresh out of the bay and although every restaurant, regardless of their particular style of cooking, integrates tasty Atlantic treasures into their dishes, there are those that really have their claws in the cuisine. Many we know you have heard of and perhaps some will be new to add to your list.


Our favorites (notice the word fish everywhere in the names) are Bostwick’s Chowder House and Bostwick’s on the Harbor, Bonefish Grill, Saybrook Fish House, the Dockhouse, East End Clambakes, Buoy One, Nick & Toni’s, Clam Bar at Napeague, Cyril’s Fish House, MTK Lobster House on the Harbor, Amagansett Seafood Store, and no list (or East Hampton visit) is complete without historic, history-making Duryea’s. Okay, there’s so many, we have to stop but you can explore the endless collection of seafood places every day of your visit.

Main lobster is one of East Hampton’s main attractions

We Can’t List Seafood Without Including Sushi

Kissaki Sushi, Montauk Sushi, and Soga Sushi are our local Hampton family favorites. That’s always the best recommendations–plus how can you go wrong with fish in this location!

Enjoy the freshest of fresh sushi


Dopo La Spiaggia, Luigi’s Italian at 199 Pantigo Road, and Felice’s Italian Restaurant are standouts in the category. Feeling like pizza? Try Springs, or head to Harbor Market & Kitchen in Sag Harbor where you can explore an interesting menu that includes clam pizza and lobster rolls, plus homemade cookies for the kids (and yourself). Manjia!

Yes, you can get a great Pizza in East Hampton

And Then There’s The Palm

Yes, The Palm is everywhere. Yes, The Palm is pricey, and yes, you can get lobster in a gzillion East Hampton eateries. But The Palm is still and always The Palm, and for Steak and Lobster, it’s history of success speaks for itself. When in doubt, and really craving some surf and turf magic, go to The Palm.

The Palm East Hampton NY 11937

Hit the Beach

If you were wondering when we’d get round to the jewels of your visit, the outdoor life…the beaches, well we saved the best for last. Take a private charter boat, grab a taxi or walk to the edge of town; whatever it takes, take the kids, the dog, or just a towel and go.

Take a private boat ride to the beach

The Best Beaches

East Hampton Main Beach

This “main” beach is serene and beautiful with its white welcoming sand and impressive waves. Open Memorial day to the end of September, you have to park offsite and take a free shuttle but it’s no great hassle. Cash only for snacks on the beach.

Maidstone Beach

We’re going to start with the sunset here, because you’ll want to end your visit seeing the sun go down after enjoying this gorgeous out of the way haven. With jagged rocks for kids to play on, but gentle waters for all to swim in, this outdoor playground is a Hampton wonderland.

Egypt Beach

This quiet stretch is a perfect beach to visit for some private time or take the pup after 6pm when dogs are welcome.

Also in East Hampton: Two Mile Hollow Beach, Wiborg Beach, and Sammy’s Beach. Make sure to check the parking situation before you go.

Nothing To Do in East Hampton

As soon as you check into town, it’s easy to get caught up in the attractions; museums, eateries, parks and Hampton nightlife. But the point of summer vacation is to RELAX. To rent a private boat charter for some laid-back fishing, bury your toes in the sand, or steal a nap on the deck of a yacht. To do a bit of nothing in between the excitement. These are the best things to do in East Hampton.

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