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Hamptons Fun Cruise

A Boatload of Fun in The Hamptons

When you’re booking your next play date, get the group together for a Hamptons Fun Cruise. A private boat charter in Sag Harbor NY is the perfect choice for a birthday celebration, family get-together, graduation party, and, oh yeah—a bachelor or bachelorette party! Bachelorette parties are the ultimate way to enjoy some pre-bridal bonding, storming the harbor for a long weekend trip even your charter captain will be talking about to the closest catamaran crew and anyone within hearing distance of Sag Harbor.

Party cruise in The Hamptons

Bachelorette party cruise in The Hamptons


A Bachelor and Bachelorette party favorite

Take a bachelor or bachelorette party time-out

Any Time Is the Right Time for a Cruise Party

Charter a boat in The Hamptons any time of day. Bloody Marys are always fun for spicing up a good sunrise, so don’t think you’re limited to chartering your party trip during evening hours. A most popular choice is a mid-day cruise in The Hamptons for water fun under the sun that goes swimmingly with a crisp Chardonnay that catches the sun like sparkling sea-glass splashing off the open water.

Try a new summer cocktail while sailing

Try the taste of a new summer cocktail while sailing

Sail on a Sunset Cruise, Maybe Just for Two

Celebrate a special milestone with some good food and a flute of bubbly. That’s the stuff that photo albums are made of, especially when the backdrop is a great ball of fire melting into the horizon turning The Hamptons sky a blaze of purple and tangerine.

Toast the good times with a taste of champagne

Toast the good times with a bottle of champagne

Enjoy an Early Morning Cruise

Leaving from the Montauk or Sag Harbor dock when the local shops are opening, and charters are sailing into the open water with their first tours of the day to show off Hamptons landmarks is an invigorating experience.

Whether your charter boat is a catamaran, speedboat, or you take a brand new mega-yacht, you can make the most of the morning with friends any way you choose. Ask your captain to sail out to where the fish are also waking up and hungry to take their breakfast right off your line.

The Hamptons docks wake up early

The Hamptons docks wake up early


Morning Sailing is a great start to the day

Morning sailing makes a great start to the day

Breakfast and Great Coffee

It’s also fine to leave the largemouth bass and rainbow trout to the other tours and private fishing parties dropping their lines in the likes of West Neck Bay and Fort Pond Bay. Direct your charter boat captain to please commence with a relaxing sail to Sag Harbor or Shelter island for a leisurely breakfast near the water. Or keep it private with coffee and food from a local Hamptons shop (they all have excellent coffee – follow the smell of fresh ground beans) and stay aboard your private island of fine (the best) dining.

Boats in Sag Harbor NY 11963

Boats in Sag Harbor NY 11963


You'll find great coffee everywhere in The Hamptons

You’ll find great coffee everywhere in The Hamptons

Afternoon Cruises Make the Perfect Play Date

Look out, the sun is high in the sky and it’s time to party Hamptons style! That means everything and anything to do with the water. If your group is in the mood to hit the beach, you could park your charter at any number of places. In Montauk, we suggest Gin Beach, Ditch Plains (surfers), and Navy Beach (rocky though). If you’d rather stop to shop (bachelorette parties often do) and have ice cream, make the choice to sail over to Gosman’s on the other side of the inlet from Gin Beach.

A bachelorette party stop-n-shop

Here Comes the Sun

Sag Harbor’s Foster Memorial beach and Haven beach attract groups of sun worshippers, but the best sunbathing and best choice if you’re looking for a super fun time is to stay aboard and find a spot to enjoy right out on the open water.

A Bachelorette party taking in the sunshine

A beautiful bachelorette takes in the sunshine

Some Charters Know How To Host a Party

Not all tours and charters are created equal, so please pay attention to the details. Some charters specialize in laid-back catamaran cruises circling around Sag Harbor or Sunset Beach. Others can do the relaxing catamaran-style tours and host bachelorette parties and other groups looking for something new to punch up their long weekend.

All boat charters offer a different menu of services

All boat charters offer a different menu of services

Whatever Floats Your Boat

When you book a Yacht Hampton charter for your party, just ask your captain to sail (or speedboat) your group over to the private lagoon with its island of toys where you can wakeboard, SEABOB or enjoy bobbing on the sea in a raft!

Yacht Hampton Boat Rentals, the Willy Wonka of Water Toys

Yacht Hampton Boat Rentals, the Willy Wonka of Water Toys

An Evening Under the Stars

The day may be getting long, but The Hamptons is just rebooting to prove its reputation as one of the best summer party destinations. First, there’s the sunset, which, in The Hamptons, is a destination in itself; every sunset stunning from any angle, any night.

A Show for Everyone

Once there’s a hint that sunset is about to begin, tours start heading to the best places to see the show; the people on deck and the boats a show in themselves. You’ll see the tours but right beside the tours will be mega-yachts, catamarans of every size, speedboats with water skiers getting in their last run of the day, and private charter boat cruises playing music everywhere. It’s cocktail time in The Hamptons and the bottles crack open on the open water as locals and tourists breathe a collective sigh, starting to relax after the day’s activities.

The boat parade at sunset

The boat parade at sunset

The Show Starts at Dusk

The sunset is always a spectacular sight that draws the attention of everyone from Sag Harbor and Shelter Island to Montauk and all along the East West, North and Southern shore lines brushing The Hamptons. This is the best ticket in town; make sure to reserve your seat and don’t miss it.

The Glitz and Glam of Hamptons Nightlife

On summer nights, the fun cruises and the private yachts and tours all turn into a single community of Hamptons fans, together enjoying the ambience and scenery so unique to this part of the country. Places are open and the celebrities, locals, and summer visitors come in droves, turning The Hamptons into the IT place to be, on and off the water.

The Hamptons is the place to be in summer

The Hamptons is the place to be in summer

For family parties aboard a pre-wedding cruise, birthdays, or bachelorette and bachelor parties looking to unwind before the wedding, private charters are the best way to eat, drink and be merry without a care in the world. There is no better way to party than on a cruise in The Hamptons.

Bachelorette parties have the best time in The Hamptons

Bachelorette parties have the best time in The Hamptons

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