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Sag Harbor Boat Rentals

A Sea Of Options for your Boat Charter in Sag Harbor

Ahoy there…are you looking for a boat rental in Sag Harbor (NY 11963)? No worry—in every marina along this corner of the East Hampton shore you can find a number of open-for-the-summer boat rentals; companies at the ready to get you into the perfect sailing vessel for that yearly fishing expedition or to set you up on a date with a magnificent yacht to enjoy a perfect summer day, or luxurious summer-long cruise.

Rent a fishing boat in Montauk Bay for sailing bliss


Feel like a million in a yacht with your own crew

Boat Types and Boat Pricing

There are as many different boat types in every price range in Sag harbor NY as there are twenty dollar cocktails in The Hamptons. And just like those special cocktail recipes, if you don’t know what type of boat you should get, don’t worry. Hamptons’ captains are as approachable and friendly as the bartenders here. They’ve earned their five-star customer rating, and are standing by to help you select just the right rig to rent for your visit. So don’t hesitate to ask any representative specializing in boat rentals in Sag Harbor what they recommend.

Charter representatives make trip decisions easy

Count on the Sag Harbor NY Charter Experts

Whatever your destination, from Southampton to East Hampton and all around the Gold Coast, you will find Long Island folks open, friendly people who know what it takes to squeeze the most fun out of your summer in Sag Harbor. Boating activities like water skiing demand speed. A romantic harbor lunch sail means you’re looking for an intimate catamaran for the day.

Summer makes every day a good day in The Hamptons


An amazing place for water skiing and SEABOB play


Spend the day in Catamaran bliss

Describe your need (and budget) and a company representative or captain will be happy to recommend just the right boat rental. Sag Harbor is one of the world’s number one tourist destinations for a reason: it’s customer-first attitude.

Hamptonites can help steer you to the best attractions

More Boat Type Matches

There’s a boat rental to match every vacation desire. If you’re looking to take the family on a whirlwind tour of the entire Sag Harbor area for the day, we highly recommend turning to the many boat charters in or close to Sag Harbor that offer cruising tours throughout the summer season, from Shelter Island and Montauk Bay to specific destinations you may have heard about.

Ask to explore secluded lagoons and little-known beaches


Touring cruises schedule throughout the summer


Shelter Island is a prime destination for sunrise or sunset

A Long Island boat rental is an excellent choice for the easiest solution to vacation planning in The Hamptons. For the easy-breeziest experience, sailboat rental is a highly popular way to go, especially for those who prefer a more budget-friendly option when securing a rental in Sag Harbor NY.

There’s something so special about allowing the wind to take you wherever the wind blows on a mono hull sailboat or a cruising catamaran. Still, you and yours may prefer a motor boat for tooling around the harbor or a yacht that is, of course, the ultimate way to cruise the coast during your visit. However you choose to travel, rentals of any kind of boat out here are the guaranteed memory-makers of summer.

if it’s your first trip to the East End, a tour is the perfect introduction


Charter a sailboat and let the wind work its magic

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Simply want a sightseeing cruise around Shelter Island and Long Island? Want to charter a Sag Harbor party boat that makes you and your crew feel like adventure heroes? Maybe family dinner or a one-on-one candlelight supper on a private yacht at sunset? For every wish there’s a Sag Harbor boat rental at your command that will be very accommodating, provide good services, and a knowledgeable staff and captain so you don’t need to worry about a thing besides what beverage or sunblock to bring.

The unmatched luxury of sunning on your own yacht deck

Specials and Recommendations

If your buddy told you about an excellent experience with Yacht Hampton Boating Club and Captain Sean or another company with an impressive rating, that’s a good place to begin booking your next boat. Check the web for package deals or add filters for promotions being offered. If the filters don’t show you any discounts, pick up the phone and ask! Sag Harbor NY 11963 may be a zip code known for glitz and glamour, but that doesn’t mean boat rental companies don’t ever have super specials on a sailboat or yacht of your dreams.

Phone ahead to ask about special boating packages

Do Your Own Online Fishing

To find the companies (including phone number, hours, and location) that we recommend here, as well as others in and near Sag Harbor, look up Boat Rentals in Sag Harbor NY 11963 in your search engine. Add terms for exactly what you are looking to rent, such as Private Yacht Rental, Sailboat Rental, Boats for Charter, Day Cruises, etc. And you can check the rating for each one, thanks to the amazing invention of social media reviews that do a lot of the work for you.

Fish online for the best boat company reviews in the area

Consider The Occasion

We’ve mentioned rentals in Sag Harbor NY for your fishing boats and dining and sightseeing boats, but you may be looking to enjoy a private boat charter to cover a completely different event, such as these special occasions:

Wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions
– There’s nothing more beautiful than a Sag Harbor wedding on the water

Birthday parties
– Plan a Sag Harbor celebration for that special someone

Bachelorette parties – Bachelor parties
– Take an unforgettable fun cruise with your I-Do crew

– Celebrate your love with a toast on a private charter in Sag Harbor

Family and school reunions
– Get-togethers in The Hamptons are an instant RSVP yes

Employee and client outings
– Rewards and entertainment are a tradition here

Summer camps
– The coolest camp outings share aquatic life firsthand

Bachelor and bachelorette party boats are huge in The Hamptons


Beautiful weddings are launched from Sag Harbor every day


Yachts and anniversaries make a perfect pair


Whale watching is a highlight of the camp experience

Sag Harbor Companies To Consider by Event

90 Minute Nature Cruises and Sag Harbor Sightseeing

American Beauty Cruises may be the perfect boat charter for you to take in a full day of prime coastal attractions. A day touring with American beauty gives you a sneak peak into the historic whaling village of Sag Harbor while watching the beautiful scenery at the same time. American Beauty offers 90-minute cruises, each ticket priced at $30 for adults and $20 for kids below 12 years old.

Glorious Two Hour Sunset Cruises

Again, with a high rating, American Beauty Cruises, one of the most versatile boat charters in Sag Harbor NY, provides 90 minute sunset cruises Thursday to Monday. You can book a nature tour earlier in the day or late afternoon, and transition right to one of their Gardiner Bay or Novac Bay sunset cruises for your next excursion. Thanks to American Beauty’s diverse trip selections, with a single phone call your entire day can be planned all in one place.

Boats pour into the harbor to catch the sunsets

Sailboating Trips and Tours

Sailcat lends the most consistent and top-rated sailing yachts in this area of Long Island. They offer both full shade and sun options onboard their yachts that have been fully upgraded and customized to suit your needs. 2 to 4 hour sail trips are available midweek with 4 hour sails, including beach break and swim time available on weekends.

Sag Harbor Sailing also offers charter services and excellent customer service for their customers. Their captains have a high rating for hosting an amazing first-class trip that includes everything besides food and drinks.

Boats pour into the harbor to catch the sunsets

Water Sports

Experience amazing fun activities on the open water offered by Peconic Water Sports. Whether you prefer fishing, swimming, sailing, or just cruising with your own crew, Peconic can take you to some of the most popular locations to play during your visit. Prices to rent vary by trip choice, so book online or phone ahead for information and to lock in your dates.

Sag Harbor Is Prepared With COVID Safety Policy if Needed

Rules of the pandemic apply throughout the local rental community, with these guidelines set to go into place at any time:

• No In-person visits

• Social distancing enforced

•Staff wears masks

• Contactless payments

• Mask required

• Hand Sanitizers required

• Temperature checks

Dates of operation may be changed without notice pursuant to COVID-19 safety policy and restrictions.

Sag Harbor Sailing and Other Boat Rentals in Sag Harbor

All the above recommended boat rental companies can provide you with hours and hours of fun excursion time in and around Sag Harbor. They are all open throughout the summer season to help you explore the magnificent Atlantic coastline, experience beautiful sceneries and sunsets, and enjoy the luxury life of cruising, playing on the water, hosting a special celebration or just the opulent rush of dining on your own boat. With the same enthusiasm as Captain Sean of Yacht Hampton Boat Rentals, any captain at a Sag Harbor or nearby boat rental establishment will be highly professional, with your satisfaction being their number one goal.

On the water in and around Sag Harbor is the coolest hotspot of the summer. So don’t wait until every boat to rent is booked up in all of Sag Harbor NY 11963. Jump online, grab the phone, and call a rental location…before your vacation plans are washed up at shore.

Confirm boat reservations in Sag Harbor ahead of time

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