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Sag Harbor Charters

Make This Summer The Best One Yet

Employ Sag harbor charters to give you the most awesome summer experience. Boat rental companies here offer a variety of Sag excursions including sunset cruises to get around Shelter Island, private party boats, dining cruises, swimming and water sport outings, sightseeing by the hour, and fishing trips for any amount of time. You’ll find most companies specializing in Sag harbor charters to be very accommodating; the captain of your ship not only an experienced sailor, but a great source for helping navigate the waters around The Hamptons to make sure you see all the best beaches and ports.

Make a date to enjoy summer in The Hamptons

A Great Captain Makes All The Difference

Rest assured a great captain can be the key to having the best time as they are able to guide you through your wish-list of destinations. There’s really no better way to experience the beautiful Montauk bay or get a glimpse of the impressive estates of the rich and famous that dot the shore throughout The Hamptons. You should always confirm, but Sag Harbor charters generally book a captain with every date.

Take a day to cruise near the East End’s magnificent estates

If you are a New Yorker, you likely know what to search. For those of you new to booking Sag Harbor boat charters, make sure you search online for boat charters in Sag Harbor NY 11963 to be certain you are accessing the right area where you would be taking your trip.

Sag Harbor NY’s Best Boat Charters

With so many options, finding your way to top-notch Sag Harbor charters can be a daunting task. This article will guide you on how to select the top charters in and around Sag Harbor that will best meet your needs. We have provided a few of the most well-reviewed boat rental companies to get you started and hopefully save you a few hours of searching “Sag Harbor NY” over and over.

Boat charters dot the shoreline of Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor Charters Top Boat Rentals

We have chosen a few charters with favorable reviews along Sag Harbor, all recommended by their many satisfied clients. The following companies are known for providing excellent customer service for all their marine excursions and private boat rentals.

American Beauty Cruises & Charters – Sag Harbor NY

American Beauty Cruises & Charters is one of the most popular charters in Sag Harbor. Trusted and recommended by recent and past guests, you’re sure to experience a fun cruising expedition. American Beauty Cruises & Charters has three types of boats that can be rented hourly at affordable prices and a friendly and accommodating staff to help you book and enjoy your boat rental.

Summer in The Hamptons is all about cruising fun

A Large Selection of Unique Boats

For any size celebration on the open water, American Beauty Cruises & Charters has 44 party boats for you to choose from. Invite your friends, feel the breeze and the sun on your face, and enjoy beautiful scenery while you wave to the boat next to you enjoying the day (or evening) in another glorious Sag Harbor NY special moment.

Find the perfect party boat size for your number of people


Friendly boaters give a quick wave across the water

Sailcat – Sag Harbor NY

Sailcat charters an amazing boat ride along Sag Harbor. Their yacht has been fully upgraded with new customizations to accommodate most passenger needs. One big plus is their charter boat provides both full shade and sun options, something you will definitely like having on those hot afternoons in the middle of July and August. They have complete facilities available on board, which many people comment about in their reviews, especially after being away from shore for a long time.

Covered boats are highly appreciated when its super hot


See online for a list of boat features you’re looking for

Rentals to Meet Your Every Need

Sailcat offers rentals with an able captain for your party, family reunion, personal sunset cruise around Montauk or Shelter Island, or if you would like to get in time to experience the sparkling white beaches along the shoreline. You can check out their reviews, menu of available services, and other information on their website.

Schedule a date to take in the sparkling beaches

Peconic Water Sports – Sag Harbor NY, Mill Creek Marina

Peconic Water Sports LLC offers boat ride services at the Mill Creek Marina South Fork out of Sag Harbor; the location easily accessed through West Hampton, Sag Harbor, and Hampton Bay. They feature a water sport charter that is popular, giving boat passengers who want some action a chance to be out for hours during the day playing and exploring the Long Island southern waters. Peconic water sports is a convenient choice for transporting you to a number of popular locations, or for fishing boat rentals, swimming, sailing, or to let yourself simply relax while cruising with no destination in mind but the deep blue sea and sky. Check out their reviews and other information on their website.

Water toys you may want to play with for days


Adults and kids enjoy time for a splash of fun

Starlight Sailing Charter – Sag Harbor NY

Starlight is a popular charter company because of their boats. Their Beneteau is very elegant and has a roomy cockpit that can easily accommodate up to 8 persons. It has plenty of deck space and an unrivaled swim platform. Furthermore, their boats also come with an experienced captain and are properly maintained to industry standards, so don’t worry, they got you covered. We recommend you sit near the railings and completely enjoy the breeze and beautiful scenery throughout the whole trip. You can also check out their service reviews and other information available on their website.

Enjoy the marine breeze off the water


Sit where you can see all the beauty nature has made here

Sag Harbor Charters Make Your Summer Vacation

In addition to those we mentioned, there are a slew of boat rental companies operating along Sag Harbor. Each of them offers their own unique selection of boat rentals, destination tours, sunset cruises and water sports activities. They all offer an assortment of amenities and services to please their customers, so it’s good to look them up online or call to learn more about them.

Please experience the sunset on the water

The one thing all Sag Harbor NY charters have in common is the desire to provide Long Island visitors with hours of fun, excitement, and memories that will last for many summers to come. Due to the recent Covid-19 restrictions, make sure to check updates regarding dates of operation and company procedures/policies. What are you waiting for? Sag Harbor NY is just a boat rental away!

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