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Sag Harbor Cruises

Live the Dream Sailing in Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor NY is one of the most popular summer resort towns for a reason. It’s historic and beautiful and as winter turns to spring, New Yorkers, Americans, and people around the globe start to get spring fever that makes them hot to plan their summer vacations.

Book boat charters and tours early


Sag Harbor NY 11963 is America’s summer hotspot

Sag Harbor NY 11963 Is a Magnetic Zip Code

Winter melts away and it’s almost like a giant whistle blows “Sag Harbor Cruises” across the Long Island Sound calling for every boat, all charters, cruises and captains to wake up from their winter slumber and get the long awaited party started again.

Hamptons tours start booking early spring


Restaurants start to open for the season

Parties Mean Different Things to Different Folks

And that’s cool, because when it gets warm the local Hamptonites get warm too, greeting returning vacationers and welcoming new visitors to their beloved harbors, offering Sag Harbor cruises to match a myriad of different definitions of what it means to summer in the Sag, including:

  • Sailing out to sea on a romantic catamaran
  • Chartering a fishing boat on The Sound
  • Zooming out to the center of the water in a speedboat for water skiing, tubing, and trying a new amazing water toy
  • A yacht, why not? Cruising Montauk Bay, stopping in Shelter Island for cocktails before seamlessly turning your sunbathing cruise into a sunset cruise on the open water
  • Grabbing a pontoon charter tour for a bit of sightseeing, maybe to see mega-mansions along the coast for an hour of Sag Harbor dreaming about what life would be like if your charter was your yacht and you lived on your own island oasis in The Hamptons

Fishing trips by the hour or full day tours


Nothing says The Hamptons like a yacht on the open water


Sightseeing tours line the shore

Extremely Popular Party Cruises

Ask any Sag Harbor cruise captain to tell you a wild party story and they will undoubtedly entertain you with a Sag Harbor charter they hosted for a bachelor or bachelorette party, school reunion, or wedding under the stars. Maybe even for a few stars you know!

Bachelorette parties are the definition of fun


Sunset cruises make beautiful weddings

Sag Harbor Boat Charters at Your Command

It’s your cruise! That means your party can be as mild as an intimate dinner for two or as wild as a frat party after finals. Whatever the occasion, there are boat rentals and tours ready to fulfill your dreams, because that’s what fulfills the dreams of the people working to make Sag Harbor cruises a soaring (and sailing) success for everyone.

Dinner for two on the open water


A good captain is key to a great boat ride

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