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Water Toys in The Hamptons

Water Sports in The Hamptons Are Making an Even Bigger Splash This Summer

Covid 19 hit the the world hard. New York City saw the highest number of cases at the peak of the pandemic causing the always bustling metropolis and surrounding areas to come to a standstill.

Hamptons Boat Rental is The Best Remedy

Family parties and other social gatherings all stalled as lockdown and travel restrictions became the reality. Those affected soon began to wonder how they can possibly maintain a decent level of Instagram followers after long months of posting photos of their new puppy and every angle of homemade banana bread.

Social media depends on social gatherings

Social media depends on social gatherings

Hang Onto Your Cell Phone…

Yacht Hampton Boat Rental has the best water sports equipment and water toys to make your day amazing and inspire photos that’ll get you oodles of likes from devoted fans surfing the web. Not to mention the much needed stress relief you’re looking for.

Exciting New Water Toys and Water Sports Equipment Makes Hampton Boat Rentals Stand Out From the Crowd

Yacht Hampton Boat Rental prides itself in having the latest and greatest in toys and water sports equipment. Various local charters have offers for day trips to events, or captains that host tours of historic Long Island Landmarks. Yacht Hampton. Boat Rental also accommodates those who want to spend a day at the beach or visit one of the many interesting East Hampton destinations—and the captains can fill you in on Sag Harbor history and local lore as well as any expert guide in the harbor.

Gear Geared for Everyone

Water sports and water toys are a Hamptons Boat Rentals centerpiece in Sag Harbor, boarding guests and zipping them out to their floating dock located in a private lagoon full of water sports gear— including the latest jet skis, SEABOBS, water scooters, hydrofoil hoverboards, and electric surfboards to name just a few. There are also boats for wakeboarding, water skiing, and tubing to allow for more peaceful play like paddle boards and snorkeling. (Please inquire about go-pros and drones to help capture your water sports action—or silly poses floating on a noodle or building sandcastles on the beach.)

A boatload of water toys for kids of all ages

Maximize Milestone Celebrations

One thing we should never mask is our desire to have the best time possible; to enjoy our special occasions to the fullest. Being safe doesn’t mean celebrations need to stop, it just means finding a way to take the necessary precautions that will keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

Yacht Hampton Maintains a Superior Fleet

Sag Harbor in summer is a most special place and time for friends and family to play together. Be sure to look for a boat rental company that follows health guidelines and expands its offerings in a way that insures your group the best experience possible.

Hampton Boat Rentals offers a pristine fleet of available boats

Hamptons Boat Rentals offers a pristine fleet of available boats

Water Sports and Toys are Perfect for Healthy Party Time

Surfing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding and tubing along with other types of water sports and recreation on and off the boat are popular safe activities for every sort of water party, including bachelorette and bachelor parties, birthday celebrations, and reunions.

Choose water sports for "good clean fun"

Choose water sports for “good clean fun”

Keep Rentals Limited to One Trusted Company

Ask Yacht Hampton about their unique Yacht Hampton Boating Club. The thoughtful club structure makes it easy and affordable to stick with the same company all summer to give you the peace of mind that you are getting your boats from a company that practices the best hygiene possible. When you get in a boat chartered from Yacht Hampton, whatever its make or model, you can trust you’re boarding a state-of-the-art, well-maintained vessel, so take advantage of the club’s package options that offer multiple charters at a discounted price.

Choose from only the most cared-for boats in the harbor

Choose from only the most cared-for boats in the harbor

The moral of the story is: see your summer as an opportunity to get out and have fun. There’s a way to play….and stay healthy. But we suggest you get started reserving those charters now, before nothing is available to pick up except shells on the beach.

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